The warm glow of the lobby gave an inviting, welcoming atmosphere. The people buzzing all over created an air of controlled chaos with a subtle hint of desperation.

Creator! Very nice to meet you, sir. I'm the Executive Assistant to the CEO. I'm to take you to him at once.

I don't get it... How can our numbers be THIS bad? We have such an incredible creative team here and it's like we're invisible.

Forgive me. Where are my manners? We've heard great things about you, Creator. I'm sure you'll be able to help us out here.

You've seen our content, I'm sure. Now take a look at our analytics. The more we spend the smaller our audience gets. Quite frankly, I trust my team entirely, but I'm completely baffled here.

Let's start by figuring out how well you know your audience. How do you create a deeply personal connection with them?

Knowing what makes your audience tick, and being able to forge genuine connections, leads to more conversions. Done poorly it makes one feel as though you're pandering, which leads to audience indifference...at best.

Take a look at this. I knew nothing of country music, or rural life, but quickly learning about it enabled me to craft relatable copy that resonated with the audience, leading to one of the highest fair attendances ever. Let me walk you through my creative process.