I'm here to drink Monster, eat skittles, and develop mutually-beneficial relationships using my charming demeanor, empathetic nature and a creative, colorful design aesthetic.


Born a mutant and always at home in a cast or going under the knife because of it, I spent an extraordinary amount of my childhood reading comic books and trying to emulate the writing of Stan Lee and the bright, emotive artwork of Jack Kirby. Now, after having more metal put into my body than Wolverine, I'm relatively healthy.

Those experiences had a profound impact on me and I wouldn't trade the torments of my tumltuous childhood for anything. Like all great characters mine is a backstory of tragedy, struggle, trauma and triumph. My creativity and curiosity bloomed because of it...gotdam would Logan's rapid healing ability have come in handy back then though.


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Rapid Healing
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Once the first chapter of my life closed, and the literal and figurative wounds began to heal I started to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I loved the creative field, but I wasn't sure where I could go with that. Enter a friend who suggested that I tag along with her to freshman orientation at Point Park. I met with an advisor, found a major, met some teachers and the next chapter of my life began.

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It wasn't ever going to be a happy ending that quickly. You knew that, right? After graduating into the worst economy of our lives (2007) I saw media agencies and contacts that I'd met with during my tenure as Point Park's PRSSA president close up shop and leave town. I began to feel hopeless and defeated. Again. Enter another friend who suggested that I check out Duquesne's JMA program.

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After losing a job that I loved because of the pandemic, I've found comfort in being been able to spend the past several months doing side jobs here and there, while mainly focusing on perfecting my craft. As small granules of normality finally begin to fall into place let's talk about how I can help you expand your reach and create some magic together.

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"Luke was a highly valuable asset to my team at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Supporting the content team, he approached every project given to him with care and extreme enthusiasm. Luke thrived in our fast-paced eCommerce retail environment and was able to respond well to constant changes in priorities and direction. I would recommend Luke to anyone looking for a positive team player with a can-do attitude."

Kirstin Pollock - DICK'S Sporting Goods

"I'm truly a fan of Luke. He's been a valuable freelance asset to our company, dDaniel Advertising Agency. I've trusted Luke with many copy-writing projects and he nails it every time. When i first met Luke, we discussed a graphic design position i had at the time and although he's an excellent designer, it was his copy-writing skills that really impressed me. His writing is very engaging and tangible and i continue to rely on him to this day. I highly recommend Luke for copy-writing AND graphic design."

Jeremy Paulovich - dDaniel Advertising

"I had the pleasure of having Luke Bruss work on my Instructional Design team. Luke is very responsible and reliable. He possesses strong time management skills. I could always count on him to complete an assignment on time. Having to learn the functionality of several learning management systems, Luke has proven that he is a quick learner. He also had several opportunities to demonstrate his creativity as well when enhancing online instruction. With his outgoing personality, he possess strong interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Luke Bruss."

Colleen Salvatore - Lincoln Learning Solutions