Fourth River Fountain Drinks

I wanted to learn more about Adobe Dimension, and I've loved branding - from product and package design to marketing copy - since my undergraduate days at Point Park. Another thing I'm passionate about is the history and mythology of Pittsburgh. I decided to conceive an old-time soda company inspired by one of our city's most enduring stories: the fourth river that allegedly runs beneath the city and powers the fountain at the confluence of our three rivers. I used Illustrator for the logo, InDesign for the branding guide and Dimension for the can and product mockups; Photoshop was used for a little cleanup work and slight lighting effects on the ads. It all started with the first "Pittsburgh Gold" can, and was refined up through the final branding guide. See the whole project here.

Fourth River Fountain Drinks - logo Fourth River Fountain Drinks - Gold Can
Fourth River Fountain Drinks color ad Fourth River Fountain Drinks black and white ad