vol. 5 issue 3 - May 2022

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*I'm actually quite easy-going & approachable.

Emotional Impact

My work captures not just the eye, but the soul. It touches the audience on a more significant level, embedding itself deeply into their psyche and triggering something within. A feeling; a memory; a desire. That is how I make an impression, and it's how I help you grow.

Design Philosophy

I live for bold colors and vivid contrasts. I believe that standing out is far superior to fitting in. I believe that emotion is the most crucial part of design. I believe that when you make SOMEONE feel SOMETHING it's going to stay with them and so will your brand.

A picture is worth a thousand words because it creates a visceral reaction within the audience. A sense of wonder, or empathy; unity or solitude.

Want to collab on some killer work that resonates for far less than the big guys? Let's blow shit up together.

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