vol. 5 issue 3 - May 2022

Typography Deliverables:

One of the bands that's been with me through it all is the Bouncing Souls. I created this to portray the utter mess that politicans create when they sell their souls using slick words and clever lies then start wars, crash economies, and pursue vanity projects instead of serving the people that they represent. It's my take on one of my favorite songs: St. Jude's Day.

These both were born from experimenting with the 3D effects in Photoshop CS6. The top is brushed steel sheet with sharp engraving meant to provide an imposing dominance. Everything - from the rich leather background behind the letters, to the stamped, clean edges around them looks perfect. Upon closer inspection though you'll see hidden imperfections. Slightly crimped edges, mishaped lettering, etc. It's a commentary on false bravado and the arrogance of many in public life, from entertainment to politics.

The bottom piece adds an etched glass overlay with the words of Ayn Rand. It represents the power of the individual rising up against the forces that attempt to oppress them. It's dedicated to the idea of personal autonomy and a bold declaration that no one can claim power over the minds and bodies of others.

I participated in the Adobe 36 Days of Type competition a few years ago and "R" happened to coincide with the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington & Concord. Being an avid fan of history, and a bit of an amateur vexillologist, I was definitely going to throw some Americana into the mix. I wrapped the Betsy Ross Flag around a hand-drawn R and added some rippling, texture and lighting effects.

I am a passionate student of history. I love everything from the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, to the history of the United States. Some of my earliest childhood memories are the stories from our republic's earliest days during Boy Scout trips to Flag Plaza in Pittsburgh. That engendered a love of Colonial American flags and the stories of America's greatest heroes that they tell. As a passion project I create patriotic computer and phone wallpapers. These are just a few of them here.

To learn more about my flag collection follow me on Instagram @monsterandskittles and check out the #FestivalOfFlags. Every June 14th I begin adding a flag to my porch and by the first week of July it is in full patriotic bloom.

While exploring the ins and outs of Adobe Dimension I started to play with some ideas for a fictitious soda company. It got a bit out of control and I went wild with it. What came from it were many product and logo designs; even a branding guide complete with a backstory.

This is a simple, and admittedly, very unpolished, kinetic typography project based off of the climactic battle between Beowulf and Grendel, as narrated by famed poet and linguist Seamus Heaney. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the graphics and After Effects for the animation.

This is just a taste of some of my work. Message me for more. I'd love to meet up for a coffee and talk shop with you.

## The End ##