vol. 5 issue 3 - May 2022

J.V. Hilliard


J.V. Hilliard is a Pittsburgh-based fantasy novelist. He initially asked for a logo and a website. It soon expanded into designing promotional products as well as marketing and design consulting.


- Logos and branding
- Redesigned and developed website
- Website graphics
- MailChimp newslettter design & implementation
- Promotional product design

J.J. Bosley


J.J. Bosley and his accounting firm is an institution in the Chatham Village neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He is well-known and well-regarded for his gregarious and outgoing personality. He asked me to create a logo to be used on letterhead, stationery, business cards, and as an email signature. I was given complete creative control with one sole directive: avoid kitschy or gimmicky symbolism. No gold; no dollar signs etc.


- Corporate logo
- Branded mug
- Business cards


Marissa Festa


One of my closest friends and confidants, Marissa Festa, is also an incredible local voice talent. I've been nagging her for years to cut a demo reel. I decided to create some album art to encourage her.


- Album art
- Concert photo edit
- 3D Mockup


Social Media Graphics


In Late 2010 I started a Wordpress blog to celebrate the Pittsburgh Penguins. I wrote post-game articles, team analytics, opinion pieces, and other stories of interest. As my grad school preparations began, free time was at a premium so I transitioned it into a Facebook page. At its zenith ThePensandthepen had a reach of tens of thousands of unique viewers per post.


- Social media graphics
- Promotional products
- Fanbase engagement and interaction