Luke A. Bruss: Writer and Designer

Luke A . Bruss

I write. I design. I rock a sweet RBF.

Luke A. Bruss: Writer and Designer

Casts -> Chaos

I won't elaborate on the details of my childhood filled with surgeries, casts and medical dramas, but I will say that all of that laying around gave me a ton of time to read, create and observe. The chaos of the first half of my life helped to shape the way I think, it gave me a fiercely independent streak, and a huge helping of empathy.

Chaos -> Creativity

That empathy and intuition, combined with a love of learning, drives my creative process. Whether it's writing sales copy, or crafting a logo that perfectly illustrates who you are, I use thorough research and a deep understanding of how folks think to create content that converts.

Creativity -> Collaboration

Collaboration is key. Let's chat so we can get to know each other. What are your goals? How can I help you achieve them in the most cost-effective way possible?

Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you shortly