I am an avid pickleball player. I find it exciting and pretty good exercise too. It's a good chance to get out of the house, away from my desk and mingle with the neighbors. With my first dive into using Figma, I decided to do an inventive new pickleball company using 3D printing. The logos and artwork were created in Illustrator, the paddle, balls, and canister were made in Dimension, and as mentioned, the layout was made in Figma.
Along with numerous redesigns of this website, which has evolved from an embarrassingly bad version 1.0 that involved HEAVY use of drop-shadows and an awkward and unintuitive UI to the version you now see before you, I also designed and developed the website for fantasy author J.V. Hilliard.
With one-on-one meetings to discuss the scope, budget, and vision of the project the site was created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and serves as the primary sales funnel for his books. A MailChimp newsletter was also designed and implemented so fans can stay abreast of his signings, appearances and new book releases. The family crests and sigils that I created will eventually be sold as promotional items like those seen in the Typography / Product Design section of this site. They'll also be included in the soon-to-be released augmented reality game "The Realm of Warminster."
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